1. Items sold (excluding promotional items) in good original condition and accompanied by original receipt and certificates (where applicable), are eligible for a one-time exchange for another similar or higher value within 3 days of purchase.

2. TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd does not issue cash refunds.

(refers to item(s) deposited at TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd for customized settings, repairs, alterations and any others that may be prescribed.)
1. The customer must declare the true value of the item(s) deposited as mutually agreed between the customer and TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd. In the unlikely event that the item is lost or damaged whilst in the custody of TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd, the said company shall only be liable up to the agreed value.

2. If the customer fails to accept re-delivery of the said item(s) and does not honour payments TAKA Jewellery within a period of 45 days, the deposit shall be forfeited and the said item(s) shall be liable for sale by TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd.

1. Deduction of 30% and above for all regular-priced diamond Jewellery within 3 years of purchase.

2. Trade-in items must be in acceptance condition and accompanied by original customer invoice and/or international certificate (if applicable).

3. No minimum top-up value required.

1. All items reserved shall remain in the possession of TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd and shall remain in the property thereof until the balance of the purchase price is paid in full.

2. Taka Jewellery Pte Ltd requires a minimum deposit of 20% for reservations.

3. If the item(s) is not collected after 45 days from the date stated on the receipt, the deposit and the item(s) shall be forfeited and TAKA Jewellery reserves the right to sell the item(s) without informing the customer and shall be discharged from al obligations to the customer.

All terms and conditions set as mentioned are subject for changes, amendments, insertions or deletions at any time as TAKA Jewellery Pte Ltd deems fit, without further notice.